The videos below focus on how to thrive not just survive during the coronavirus crisis.


US Lacrosse, Ski and Snowboard Surgeon

Dr. Karen Sutton

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Coronavirus Prevention Tips and Expert Links--How to Thrive

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Coronavirus Dashboard: over 1,170,000 cases with over 63,000 deaths

Google Trends Coronavirus Graph, an interesting metric to follow

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Corporate Wellness Consultant and Physiotherapist Bec Mitchell






Dr. Allan Mishra is an expert speaker with worldwide experience.  He is ready to help enhance the vitality of your group, company or organization.  His Stanford vitality course is highly rated and attendees at his Dare to Be Vital® events have raved about the experience. 


He has given a variety of customized vitality presentations in lengths ranging from 60 minutes to six hours.  Topics include but are not limited to:  How to Pinpoint Your Purpose, Dare Greatly, Think with Time in Mind and Consider Sleep a Superpower






World Champion Poker Player

Phil Hellmuth

Navy SEAL Captain Tom Chaby

Marine Commander and Leadership Expert

Bill Vivian