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FREE scientific information about how to enhance your physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being

Vitalty Events

Enhance Global Vitality, One Person at a Time

Allan Mishra, MD


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The Ignite Vitality Programs are scientifically designed to enhance the physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness of all participants. Interactive lessons are delivered in 200 words or less each day to a person's phone for 30 days.


Lessons include: 

  • How to Pinpoint Your Peak Purpose

  • How to Think with Time in Mind

  • How to Live at Your Ideal Weight

  • How to Consider Sleep a Superpower

  • How to Cultivate Closeness

  • How to Stockpile Health


91% of participants found the program enhanced their vitality.

The lessons are augmented with live webinars and customized according to the client's needs.

Dr. Allan Mishra is the founder of Dare To Be Vital and a board certified orthopedic surgeon. His book,Vitality Essentials, serves as the foundation for his Stanford course. He has also hosted vitality events for a variety of companies and institutions including: Google, Apple, the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), Stanford Continuing Studies, the University of Michigan, GSV Ventures, the Boys & Girls Club of Silicon Valley and the Navy SEALs.


Praise for Ignite VitalityTM Webinars and Events

  • "Phenomenal Workshop!"

  • "Excellent interactive engagement among instructor and students!"

  • "Thank you so much for an insightful and timely class."

  • "The vitality webinar was very engaging and useful. The best so far!"

  • "I had a wonderful time in class and learned so much.

  • "The speakers were prepared, succinct, experienced, helpful, insightful, supportive"

  • "Allan Mishra was really interesting, I completely enjoyed his talk, A+"

  • "Dr. Allan Mishra is an excellent instructor."

  • "He has the gift of sharing his knowledge in an easy and enjoyable way." 

  • "Dr Mishra has great enthusiasm and knowledge about vitality."

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Allan Mishra



Carlos Watson

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Carlos Watson

Vitality Essentials
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"Compelling, actionable and digestable."

"A simple blueprint to live your best life."

"A simple, but powerful action planning toolkit."

"A must read for anyone that wants to enhance their vitality."

Contact Dr. Mishra with questions about his vitality programs or to schedule him for your in-person or virtual event.

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